Curriculum vitae Froukje Riemersma

Personal background
Born in 1966, in Workum, the Netherlands. Her high-sensitivity combined with her passion for art, developped to a strong healing and leading quality in her adult life.

Academic background

  • Ballet/ dance training and coaching by Wil Jacobs de Boer who was 2nd solist in the National Ballet, from 6th to 18th year.
  • Bachelor degree in Fine Arts (sculpture) at 1990 at the Academy of Fine Arts, Kampen, the Netherlands.
  • Part of degree in Fine Arts: one year on the Academy of Fine Arts Brera in Milano, Italy. Teachers: Luciano Fabro and Maestro Bruno Cassinary (drawing lessons).
  • Psycho-synoptology with H. Bom at Arnhem
  • Shamanic healing technics Heather Jachowski
  • Inka training from Juan Nunoz dell Prado
  • Autodidact study of filosophy

Professional background

  • Inspirator, director and teacher at the VABK (Free Academy of Art and Self-development).
  • Coach for individual clients
  • Initiator of many installations, projects and performances all over the world and spread in all kind of privat collections
  • Nowadays projects are modern ceremonies in which personal development and art are combined on a high spiritual level.

“The 12 golden corns”, Cusco, Peru.

“The European Union”, Rome, Italy.

“The awakening of the female power in Humanity”, Bismantova, Italy.

“Rosary around the world”, countries all over the world.

“12 World Religions”, the Netherlands, Germany.

“Temple Europe”, from which “The Golden Sun” is born